Questions to Ask About Abortion

ab-informationThere is a lot to consider when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Before you visit an abortion clinic or provider, we highly encourage you to ask yourself these important health and safety questions:

Have you confirmed your pregnancy?

It is important to be sure that you are pregnant; it is possible to receive a false indication of pregnancy. We provide pregnancy testing and ultrasounds free of charge. These services can confirm your pregnancy. Visit our Services Page to learn more.

Are you aware of the risks?

Abortion is a medical procedure and has risks to be aware of. You have the legal right to be informed by your abortion provider of the type of procedure you will receive, as well as any potential complications. Ask questions to make sure you understand all that is involved or visit our Abortion Risks page.

Do you understand you can change your mind?

It's OK to say, "I need more time to consider my decision," if you are in the waiting room or even on the table prepped for your procedure. Don't feel pressured to proceed just because you feel like you have to. It's your body; you have the right to listen to your instincts.

Download our list of suggested questions to have answered prior to scheduling an abortion.