After an Abortion

logo2Following abortion, some women experience initial relief. The perceived crisis is over and life returns to normal. For some women, however, the crisis isn’t over. Months and even years later, significant problems develop. For these women, a pathway to healing is needed. Pregnancy Choices’ SHIFT (Seeking Healing in Faith & Truth) program is one such pathway to spiritual and emotional healing following an abortion.

The SHIFT program is comprised of small, confidential support groups where women will go through the Forgiven & Set Free post-abortion Bible study. This study is based on the premise that a genuine, permanent healing of post-abortion pain can only come when a woman has come to grips with a more primary issue: her reconciliation to God and others.

During the group, women will share their abortion experiences and explore Bible passages that show what God is really like and how He demonstrates compassion to women with crisis pregnancies. They also learn to apply biblical truths to symptoms such as emotional numbness, anger, depression and grief. 

SHIFT groups meet in the Pregnancy Choices Living Room.
For information on the next group, contact Jennifer.

Participants will meet with a facilitator prior to starting and will be asked to make an 11 week commitment to the group. For more information, contact or call (360) 428-4777.

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