Abortion and Men

Men & AbortionFor every woman affected by abortion, there is also a man; both equal parents to the aborted child. An abortion experience can leave some men feeling empty, powerless, defeated, helpless, confused and without purpose. Some men may not even be aware that these emotions are a direct result of their abortion experience. They may be in denial about their experience, attempt to intellectualize their feelings, project their emotions towards others, or withdraw from social interaction as much as possible.

Our culture has an expectation that men should be strong and courageous. Any show of emotion could expose them as being weak and cowardly. It's this the expectation that causes many men to hide their true emotions and pretend that everything is fine. Yet deep inside they could be hurting, causing their relationships, families, jobs and responsibilities to suffer. It's a pattern all too common in post-abortion fathers.

There is hope! Men too can heal. For real stories about the effects of abortion in the lives of men, resources, and books, visit www.fatherhoodforever.org